callmemadam (callmemadam) wrote,

The Deserted Village

Ha, not Goldsmith’s but ours. It’s a short walk to the village shop but often takes a while because you have to keep flattening yourself against a hedge or dodging into someone’s garden to avoid the speeding traffic which uses our country road as a rat run. Not today and there were two cars in every drive because of all the working from home. In the shop, the young woman on the till was wearing vinyl gloves and the few customers and members of staff moved around each other, six feet apart, as in some stately eighteenth century dance. Outside, complete strangers (to me) bid a cheery ‘Good morning!’ I put all this cheerfulness down to the lovely sunshine and the novelty of the situation. I’m afraid the latter will soon wear off.

In other news, the freezing wind which has made being outdoors unpleasant for the past few days has dropped and it’s warm enough to do a few outside jobs. After a potting and tidying session I got out my table and chairs from the shed. Sadly, I’ll only be needing one chair for quite a while. I’m very bad at sitting quietly in the garden. No sooner do I sit down than I see something which needs doing and jump up again. Today, the post was early and I read it outside. It must be spring.
Tags: village life

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