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Gardening during lockdown

I really enjoyed last Friday’s Gardeners’ World programme with Adam Frost. I’ll just whisper this, in case any of Monty’s thousands of adoring fans might hear, but I actually prefer Adam’s (still quite new) garden. Monty’s garden is overcrowded; you can’t see the plants. I’m a hater of bare soil myself, but cramming plants that close together doesn’t do them any good, IMO. Love his pots, though. Like Monty, Adam was telling us how good gardening is for physical and mental health while we’re stuck at home. I think this has always been known (see Marvell for instance) but maybe people need reminding. It does depend on the weather, age, health and whether or not you are lucky enough to have a garden. I think the TV stations should soothe people by showing lots and lots of films of lovely gardens. I see Alexander Armstrong is presenting just such a programme this week.*

How do you garden when you run out of potting compost and other essential supplies and all the garden centres are closed? Online, of course. Alan Titchmarsh has been urging us to support the many small nurseries which will otherwise go out of business but although they may have wonderful plants, they tend not to sell what are called ‘sundries’. I did quite a lot of browsing the other day and it’s very complicated. Some companies are sending seed but not plants and vice versa. In the end I went for companies I’ve used before and there’s at least two weeks’ wait on all orders. Good for them for keeping going at all.

*Heavenly Gardens 10th April.
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