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Some good news (for me)

Yesterday, I took delivery of a cheapo folding desk to use instead of the antique one which broke. I’m quite pleased with myself for lugging it upstairs and setting it up. It’s ugly and this area looks a mess but it does mean I can use the PC without agonising backache after five minutes. I wouldn’t be without my iPad but there are limits to what you can do with it. One day, when there are bluebirds over The white cliffs of Dover, I may be able to have Men in the house again and can get it all sorted properly.

The second good thing is about Tesco. Earlier, I was checking tomorrow’s delivery. Just as well I did, as several items had become unavailable. The good and amazing thing was that I was able to book another slot without having to be online at midnight, waiting in a queue. I’m up to 12th May now; they must have added a huge number of slots. The thought of not having to get out of bed tonight is really cheering.

There’s even another good thing. Our council is starting garden waste collections again next week. That means I can do some work I might otherwise have left. I did some impromptu pruning this morning. I only went outside to open the greenhouse and empty a stored bag of weeds into the brown bin. I saw that a large, wanton stem of the climbing rose had again got hooked over a power line (seems like a bad idea), even though I thought I’d fixed it before. Fetched a walking stick to pull it down, managed to tuck it behind the wire, then found my big loppers and the pruning saw and got rid of just some of the dead wood. Plus, the weather is beautiful again. The mild winter and recent sunshine have brought on flowers I wouldn’t have expected to see so early in the year. Out now: tree peony; a mass of hardy osteospermums; the first hardy geranium and perennial cornflower. Two clematis plants are just starting to flower.

I know this is dull stuff but I’m pleased to read other people’s accounts of the minutiae of life under lockdown, so I may as well record mine.
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