callmemadam (callmemadam) wrote,

Gardening in Lockdown

An untidy greenhouse. These plants will all go outside eventually. I think I was too late sowing tomatoes; I had to wait a long time for delivery. The pink plants everywhere are Valerian. It self-seeds into the gravel and I can’t bear to pull it out until the flowers are over. Once everything is outside, I can have a good clear up in here.

Our garden centre reopened last week but I haven’t ventured up there yet, fearing long queues, which I find it hard to cope with. I ordered plug plants online. They took two weeks to arrive and I immediately potted them on into divided trays, where they grew madly. I just had to take what I could get, so no cunning colour coordination this year. Then I was waiting (and waiting, and waiting), for compost to arrive so I could to plant on the new babies. I used that up in no time. I ordered more from Amazon (I know), a much more expensive compost than I usually buy. The first lot of compost took four weeks to arrive. Amazon’s came next day. This is why I shop there. The bag was so heavy that I couldn’t even get it in the wheelbarrow to stagger up to the shed with it but by great good luck, the gardener came to cut the grass that day and picked it up as if it were a feather. After a busy potting session this morning, I’ve used most of that bag, too, so I guess I’ll have to brave Stewarts. I’m getting old for this. How come Alan Titchmarsh still has so much energy?

The foxgloves get better every day.

Erigeron karvinskianus seeded into a paving crack.

Thank goodness for these easy plants, which give so generously and need no care.
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