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Cor, I’m in a bad mood today and don’t care who knows it. I had a few domestic annoyances yesterday evening, too tiresome to mention, and was looking forward to watching the last of the BBC’s virtual Chelsea programmes. It didn’t record and I couldn’t find it on iPlayer. I’ve now been told, by a fellow sufferer, that the programme was withdrawn at the last minute and replaced by a ‘special’ about the Corona virus. It was Bank Holiday Sunday, a day for relaxing (you’d think)! Who is asking for these depressing programmes rather than soothing ones about gardens? Certainly not me. The BBC: ‘Joining Us Together’ in shouting at the TV, ‘Why is my programme not on AGAIN!’

I spent the evening defrosting the freezer instead of watching TV. Horrible job. Just to add to the fun, I was woken at five this morning by my house alarm going off for no reason. Once I’d registered what the noise was and switched it off, I couldn’t get back to sleep so got up and cleaned the fridge inside and out. Oh well, two very useful jobs done. I emailed my neighbours to apologise for the early racket and they said they didn’t even hear it. That’s how useful alarms are!

Phew, I feel better for that. Beautiful day and looks like being quite hot.
Tags: bbc, lockdown

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