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On top of the volcano

My sister recommended a TV programme I might like, Great Scenic Railway Journeys of the World, because the episode was about France and narrated by Bill Nighy. I did enjoy it, especially when we reached the end of the line and the Puy de Dôme, because I’ve been there. On one of our many trips to France, we were in the Auvergne and didn’t want to miss this. Here I am on the top with huskyteer, studiously reading it up in the indispensable Michelin guide. I think it was 1987.

Old photos scanned never come out well, do they? What interested me most on seeing the Puy de Dôme today was how much more visitor-friendly it’s become. I don’t remember a train going right up to the top; we climbed up and came down by cable car. There was no fancy visitor centre with special viewing glasses, just a rather grotty café. I really miss France and will probably never go again.

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