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Vulgar gardening

You won’t see hanging baskets at Longmeadow or other superior gardens; they are distinctly looked down on these days. My opinion is that they go with a thatched cottage and I’ll stick with them. The one above is right outside my kitchen window and gives me a cheerful view. When all the garden centres and nurseries were closed, I ordered a ‘collection of basket plants’ online (from posh Crocus, so yah to snobs). I had no idea what I would get. Once they arrived, as tiny plugs, I grew them on while I waited to get compost. I was able to fill three baskets and two pots with them, so I’m quite pleased. These are the porch ones. I hope they will be overflowing by the end of summer.

When I got up this morning, it was pouring with rain, so I gave up any hope of gardening. Then the sun came out and it got quite hot, very different from the last two days. This morning’s gardening was of the outdoor housework type. My garden may sound idyllic from what I write about it but the boundaries are a big problem. Brambles come in from the field, Bindweed from goodness knows where and the Virginia Creeper from next door is intent on strangling the front hedge and pulling down the back fence and my sheds. I filled the brown bin with yards and yards of these pests today.
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