callmemadam (callmemadam) wrote,

Bees love these

They love this Stachys, which is why I haven’t cut it down, although it’s going over. You can just about see the bee! There are always lots about the plant. Bees also love the plant below, which is Cerinthe purpurascens.

There was one buzzing about but I was unable to snap it actually going right inside the little trumpets, which is what they do. A while ago, some garden writer I was reading opined that the plant ‘had become rather a cliché’. What rot! I like it because it’s so weird and because I can grow it myself each year, from my own saved seed. Free plants are always welcome.

In other garden news: there are baby tomatoes and peppers in the greenhouse. I would never have bothered with them if it hadn’t been for lockdown.
Tags: garden, lockdown, wildlife

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