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Royal Mail, get knotted

I could not believe my ears this morning. I took a packet to the post office, not my usual one. For added security I had put string round the cardboard. 'Don't use string in future,' I was told, 'they'll cut it off.' What? Would they rather wait until the parcel fell to pieces (not that mine would) and then repack it themselves? 'I don't know. These are new instructions we've been told to pass on. It interferes with the machinery.'

Tsk, only the post before last I was commenting on the usefulness of being able to tie knots. cybersofa has often said, 'Your family are the only people in the world who still use string on parcels.' I use tape as well but will now have to use twice as much. Which is better, reusable string (sorry, it's the way I was brought up) or yards of plastic? Harrumph.
Tags: knots, parcels, royal mail
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