callmemadam (callmemadam) wrote,

Autumn colour

After two and a half days of non-stop rain, it was dry this morning and I was able to get outside. I took down the last basket and two big pots. I was surprised to find the basket full of earwigs; gross. It’s raining again now, so working outside this morning was a good decision. The garden is full of autumn colour. The sedums (one head shown above) have reached their darkest colour before they turn brown. They’ve been smothered in bees since the first flowers opened.

This Virginia Creeper may look pretty now, but it’s the bane of my life. It comes from next door, so I can do nothing about it. It’s trying very hard to pull down my fence and my sheds, grows faster than I can cut it and the hours I have spent cutting it back and pulling its snaky tendrils out of the grass! Such a waste of good gardening time. It will root in a flash but is luckily quite easy to remove from soil or grass.

When people talk about colour for late summer and autumn, they seem to forget the hardy fuchsias, which are wonderful. The autumn light gives them a special glow.

I have two large hydrangea bushes and almost every head is a different colour. They are beautiful even in death.

Even days of rain haven’t stopped this aster from glowing violet.
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