callmemadam (callmemadam) wrote,

Winter gardening

Today: temperature above freezing; no wind; no mist. So, I went out to sweep or pick up leaves. Now, Monty Don will tell you that leaves are not rubbish but a harvest. He also tells you that, put in a black bag, dampened well, they will give you lovely leaf mould in a year. I’ve found this not to be true; it takes at least two. So, even though my leaves are mostly oak (which makes good leaf mould), they are in the brown bin rather than a black plastic bag.

Prowling round the garden, I saw plenty of daffodil and snowdrop shoots. What pleased me most was to find, once I’d moved a few leaves (I leave them on the beds over winter), that the snowdrops which I transplanted in the green last year are pushing up little snouts among the hellebores, just as planned.
Tags: garden, winter

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