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The Napoleon Diaries 3

Moreau defeats the Austrians at Hohenlinden. An agreement is made with Spain which cedes Louisiana to France, later bought by the States in the Louisiana Purchase. This was breaking the agreement with Spain not to sell. Several attempts are made to assassinate Napoleon. He always remains calm and cool in the face of danger but uses the plots to round up anyone he considers trouble (mostly Jacobins) and deport them to Guiana, which France was using as a penal colony.

The Treaty of Léonville ends nine years of war with Austria. Napoleon makes terms with Tsar Paul of Russia and gives him Malta. This was a worthless gift, as it was besieged by the Royal Navy. Paul is then assassinated and succeeded by his autocratic son Alexander, of whom more will no doubt be heard later. Nelson’s defeat of the Danish fleet at Copenhagen is said to have made the Danes loyal to Napoleon, yet in no time Russia, Sweden and Denmark have made treaties with Britain. Obviously the first consideration was Baltic trade.

Napoleon embarks on a disastrous attempt to subdue Haiti, vital for its export of coffee and sugar. It was a brutal campaign and achieved little. Like most men of his time, Napoleon considered black people inferior to white ones and he reintroduced slavery, which had been abolished in 1789. People start to notice that Napoleon, Josephine and their entourage are acting like royalty.

Now, he’s crowned himself emperor and started using the royal ‘We’. No wonder some people wonder why they bothered chopping off Louis XVI’s head. Plans are afoot to invade England.
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