callmemadam (callmemadam) wrote,

In the garden

When I went out this morning, I saw a lot of daffodils flowering on the verges, yet in my garden the tall ones won’t be out for a while; only the miniatures are flowering. I needed lights and wipers on for driving; this afternoon I was able to spend half an hour doing some garden tidying. There’s a lot more to do but I don’t trust the weather yet.

These are growing in a corner of the shed/foxglove bed and there are lots more to come.

Primroses grow in any crack they can find here. Soon, the garden will be full of them.

Every year, this solitary crocus pops up beside the bird bath. An ant is busy inside it. If I plant any, the mice get them.

Euphorbia ‘Glacier’. This is actually a cutting which I’m growing on in a pot but the border plant is also flowering. I think this is quite early. My great regret is that I can’t get a photo which shows just how nice a bank of snowdrops looks. It’s a pleasing view from nearly every window.
Tags: garden, spring

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