callmemadam (callmemadam) wrote,

At the market

I know people like these posts but it’s ages since I’ve been down to the market. This morning, although it was cold and wet, I decided to go book hunting. There were few people about and even fewer masks. It was very cold. One of the weird things about the market is that one week everyone will be selling books, another week, stamps and another, records. Today, not a stamp to be seen and not many books but lots of plants. I bought a tray each of Nicotianas and Cosmos, good, well-grown plants. These are to fill gaps in my flower beds. The greenhouse is now full of plants, some of them from my own cuttings and seeds, waiting to go out when the weather is better. By the way, if you watched Gardeners’ World yesterday evening and saw Monty’s crisped-up hydrangea, you know what mine looks like. These late frosts!

I bought the books in the picture for £1.25. Not much of a haul and I wouldn’t be surprised to find that I’ve already read the Trisha Ashley. At that price, who cares? I was home before nine with frozen feet.
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