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our trumpets waken the Wall!

Yesterday I heard an almighty Wumph!, looked out and the wall had suddenly gone. It was very windy and I rushed out to see if the chaps were all right but they were all roaring with laughter and struggling against the wind to manage the wire screens. It has certainly opened up the view.

For cheery workmen see here.

Today it rained and they put up a sweet little tent to work under. At times I thought it would blow away.
edit I have only just noticed in the photo all the flower spikes on the acanthus. It doesn't flower every year and I was too busy looking at destruction in the garden to notice this promise. Hope they stay there!

It's much worse next door but as the neighbours have just moved in they haven't done anything to the garden yet.

If they can keep these shrubs and trees it won't look too bad in the middle.

Tags: more wall if you can stand it

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