callmemadam (callmemadam) wrote,

The Chalet School Goes On and On

As usual, I’m reading three books at once and currently, one of them is always a Chalet book.
Does the format of a book affect your reading? I’m devoted to my Kindle but often feel I must read a ‘real’ book. The text should be what matters, yet I do think there are differences (for me, anyway) between reading an e-book, a paperback or a hardback. Take the Chalet School books, for instance. I much prefer to read them in early, fat editions like the example shown below (just finished). Unfortunately, I don’t have many of them. With the earlier books, you get a frontis. by Nina K Brisley and white pages. The fifties reprints far too often have brown pages and are generally inferior in production quality. Could this be what makes me think them worse books?

Tags: book design, elinor m brent-dyer

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