callmemadam (callmemadam) wrote,

TV Watch: Afghanistan: The Great Game - A Personal View by Rory Stewart

Chatting to a friend on the phone last week and having our usual rant about the state of the world, she raved about the above film, one of two. I watched the first one yesterday on
the iPlayer and she was right. This is the most lucid account I have ever read or watched about the history of Afghanistan and its wars with great powers. The next one is about the doomed Russian invasion. The films were made in 2012. One point of interest is that public opinion in the nineteenth century was against the Afghan invasion (the Duke of Wellington opposed it) but the hawks, as Stewart calls them, had their way, with disastrous results. Five stars and I want to read Kim again.

When you look at Rory Stewart’s CV, you wonder how one man can have done so much before he’s fifty. Then you try to think of a single useful thing Boris Johnson has ever achieved.
Tags: history, television

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