callmemadam (callmemadam) wrote,

TV Watch: this year’s Chelsea Flower Show

Interesting to have the show in September instead of May because rather than massed ranks of foxgloves (which I love), we get to see late-flowering plants. That is, I’d like to see lots of late-flowering plants but you’d think this show was about anything but plants. Is anyone else bored stiff by the TV coverage of this year’s show? Since I can’t go in person, what I want is a virtual tour, not constant environmental lectures. Yesterday evening I was so fed up with it that I just switched off.

BTW mine is a country garden, not at all tidy and containing wildlife habitats and plants for pollinators. It’s not the principles of the well-meaning environmentalists I object to, just their bossy attitude. And may I remind them that *every* garden is artificial, man-made and intended to give delight.
Tags: chelsea flower show, garden

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