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Chaos theory

I am not a fan of Mirabel Osler, author of A Gentle Plea for Chaos. To paraphrase Virginia Woolf, she writes of herself when she should write about her garden. I do though agree with letting things happen in the garden. As Christopher Lloyd put it, you can be like God and say, 'What I have planted, I have planted' or you can allow self-seeding. Normally I would take God's side against irreligious old Christo's, but the late great man is right as usual. In the picture on the left, for instance, only the roses and the delphiniums were actually planted there. It is rather overcrowded and there is too much feverfew, but it's easy enough to pull out.

Nigella, Love-in-a-Mist, is one of the most enthusiastic self-seeders ever: it comes up in forests. You get an astonishing range of colour, from white, through all the blues to purple, to pink. I have been enjoying arranging pink roses in a pink vase with a little fringe of pink tinged Nigella. As soon as it has stopped flowering I'll rip most of it out, perhaps leaving what I think are the best colours for seed.

Is this delphinium blue, or what? It's not one of those towering giants which need staking, just a dwarf form grown from seed. I'm not usually keen on short forms of plants which should be tall (dwarf Lupins are dumpy horrors) but this is such a good colour.

In other news, here is part of what was a border, with the posts for the horrible new fence, which went in today.

This Acanthus mollis is defying it all and will soon be in flower.

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