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NHS cock up

I have been keeping these health bulletins to friends only but I don't care who reads this rant. As some people already know, poor cybersofa is very ill indeed. He has spent the past week in Poole Hospital (very good, up to now) but was to be allowed home today so long as there was a handy supply of oxygen. So I waited in all day for the delivery. So I got a call from the hospital asking if it had arrived. So I got another call from the hospital saying that er, it had been ordered for Monday. So I got a call from the oxygen suppliers (a PRIVATE COMPANY) to arrange delivery between 9 and 5. So he might not get home until Tuesday. And it's his birthday on Sunday. And some old friends have arranged to come from Cheshire and Wales (to Dorset) to visit on Monday and I now don't know where he'll be. And I drove down to the hospital like a witch on a broomstick, raging. And found a very unhappy man. And I'd like to tie someone to a chair and hit them.
Tags: anger, nhs, privatisation

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