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Facing the Light by Adèle Geras. The only book I’d previously read by her was Made in Heaven (see here). I enjoyed it but I think this one is better. I’m at the same time racing through to see if I’ve guessed right about the family’s dark secrets, and not wanting to finish it. What I like about Adèle Geras’s writing is that she has the true novelist’s eye for detail (just like Dickens!) and doesn't fob the reader off with generalisations. So you will never find a woman described merely as ‘smartly dressed’ or ‘scruffy’; her outfit will be itemised. Similarly, there are no ‘borders of gay flowers’ (© E M Brent-Dyer) but borders of hollyhocks, delphiniums and so on. If a house is full of flowers, they are not just bowls of roses but bowls of a particular variety, such as ‘Buff Beauty’. And there are lots of descriptions of houses and their interiors. There is a paragraph about the kitchen in this book which I read twice, for the sheer pleasure of it. This all sounds rather chick-litty and I suppose it is in a way but it’s a cracking read and vastly superior to most. Just needs more about shoes, Adèle…
Tags: adele geras, escapist fiction, facing the light

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