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Hey nonny-nonea

Nonea lutea, that is. I fell for this little charmer years ago, when I had a passion for weedy looking plants, and it's been with me on and off ever since. Mostly off, as although it is a biennial it's not very reliable and you might not see it for five years. This specimen I found seeded into the gravel in the cold frame and transplanted. It has spiky, blistered-looking leaves, which I find highly irritant. It is related to the pulmonarias, which grow like weeds here, as do common primroses. We have thousands of them but I have trouble keeping the doubles and other prized varieties. Worth growing when they look like this:

It was quite mild this afternoon, though inclined to rain at any minute, and I should have done some work in the garden but I was too tired. So instead I picked some flowers for Easter decorations. I filled a small ceramic log with moss, primroses and violets: very pretty but the photo was rubbish. huskyteer helped me decorate this Easter tree:

Er, it looks better in real life.
Tags: easter, flowers, gardening

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