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August books

Rather few books again this month and as I said before, pretty light reading.

Dear Dodie, Valerie Grove. Had to read this again after 101 Dalmatians.
With No One as Witness, Elizabeth George. Same old stuff.
The Evidence Exposed, Elizabeth George. Three short stories: no good.
Anne of Avonlea, L M Montgomery
Four Letters of Love, Niall Williams. Having failed with Williams before, I was pleased to be able to finish this one. I still find that his books start very seductively and then go off the boil.
Earth and Heaven, Sue Gee. First book I’ve read by this author. Set mostly in Kent, where a family of artists live through various tragedies between the wars. If you like books about the English countryside, this is for you.
Brown Owl’s Guide to Life, Kate Harrison. Great title, good idea, but disappointing.
Wicked! Jilly Cooper. This saw me through the bank holiday weekend quite enjoyably but what a load of nonsense. I didn’t care for the under age sex and the child abuse and I do think it’s the worst of her blockbuster series. I like it when she writes about horses and dogs but I’ve probably enjoyed Pandora most.
Love Over Scotland, Alexander McCall Smith. I’m completely addicted to Scotland Street. I was slightly disappointed that there was so much about Domenica in Malacca: I want to read about Edinburgh, please. But then I’d be pleased to read only about Bertie and Cyril, my favourite characters. I think there are already two more books published, so that's something to look forward to.
Anne of the Island, L M Montgomery
Anne of Windy Willows, L M montgomery
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