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New TV addiction

We are totally doting on Outnumbered. It's written by lovely Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkin, which is promising for starters. Stars Hugh Dennis of Now Show fame. This is a sit-com like no other. There's not really a plot and the whole thing runs along so seamlessly that it's like watching a documentary and you find yourself surprised when the episode ends. Because you know that when you switch off, they just carry on with their chaotic lives. The performances by the children are absolutely marvellous and horribly convincing. Ben, for instance, a shocking liar, who shouts 'Stranger! Stranger!' at his own father in a public place. Karen, probably my favourite, playing the 'Who can tell the biggest lie?' game by saying, 'I really really like Auntie Angela'. Angela (Samantha Bond) is of course in the car at the time. Do give it a go if you've missed it: broadcasting times are odd so we're recording it.
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