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It would have been good gardening weather today, had the wind been less brisk. A fabulous drying day, though. I share minniemoll's primitive pleasure in the sight of washing blowing on a line. White sheets, white cherry blossom, black clouds - Oh no, that's wrong but it was very seasonable and reminded me of Little Grey Rabbit's Washing Day. While the washing was wrapping itself crazily round the clothes line I planted out some delphiniums which I grew from seed last year, then tackled more removal of last season's debris and corpses. On the bank, a very awkward spot, is an overgrown specimen of Libertia formosa. The long leaves, which are like those of gladioli, are a wonderful shelter for snails so I plunged into the plant in the hope of bagging a few. I was surprised to find that quite large clumps came away in my hands and soon I was in a frenzy of tugging away old dead sections which I'd never been able to get at before. Deep down inside, the decaying centre had started making its own compost. This may not be the way to treat the plant but it tidied it up. Should it die, there are plenty of seedlings around. With that job done and some hacking at other dead stuff with my trusty Felcos you could 'see where I'd been'.

These gardening notes are quite boring, I know, but I don't care because they make a record for me. Also, I'm hoping that lj will keep me up to the mark. Having told the world that I will definitely do such and such this year, I might feel obliged to do it.
Tags: gardening, laundry

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