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Everythink goes contrairy with me

Just when I might have thought things could not get much worse, they did. BT cut off my broadband connection without any warning or explanation and a week of banging my head against a brick wall began. Every time I phoned these idiots I had to tell the whole story again from the beginning. Every time I phoned they postponed the date at which I would be allowed (gracious, eh) to reapply to have my account reopened. Eventually, after ten lonely, stressful days I was phoned by a human being who seemed to be on my case. She explained that the whole problem was down to a mistake by the first adviser I spoke to, who had been given ‘a jolly good telling off’. You may think that the sack or possibly execution might have been more appropriate; I couldn’t possibly comment. As BT freely admitted that the fault was theirs, they would accelerate the application so that I would get my broadband back before Christmas. Today, as if my magic, everything is back. They can't give me back those twelve days, though.
Tags: addictions, bt, internet

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