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Book design (for Stuck-in-a-Book)

Some gremlin is stopping me from commenting on anyone's journal in BlogSpot and I can read Stuck in a Book but can't chat to him. So here is a Jonathan Cape dustwrapper for Chatterton Square by E H Young. I'd also recommend Miss Mole, The Misses Mallett and other books by this author. Some have been reprinted by Virago and others in a cheap, small uniform edition and I've found all mine cheaply. Chatterton Square is even signed by the author, in teeny, tiny little writing, very self effacing. She had a much more interesting life than might be thought from her books.

The 'entrancing type face' Simon mentions can also be seen on Down the Garden Path by Beverley Nichols (the best book about gardening ever written) and his other early books. Some have the extra delight of dustwrapper and illustrations by Rex Whistler.
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