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Knitting again

I have been knitting again.

First up I finished a plain sweater, knitted in Patons Inca, which is an alpaca mix, lovely and soft and warm. The yarn was less than half price from Hobbycraft, so a good buy. I used a Rowan pattern, which worked very well. When I used a Rowan yarn for something from the same book, I needed needles a size smaller than stated, but with the Inca the tension worked as it should.

I inherited an iPod but couldn’t bring myself to use it until I made a new sock for it and so made it look like mine. This is done in Patons Pageant, an odd ball which someone gave me.

As a Christmas treat and project, I bought a Twilleys scarf kit which was half price in our little wool shop. Twilleys call this a zigzag scarf, everyone else calls it multi directional knitting. The yarn, Twilleys Freedom Spirit, is nice; I like the effect of it very much. The knitting, which looks so clever, is actually easy peasy. I have two whines with the pattern, though. With the amount of yarn I have left over I’m sure I could have made an extra triangle and a longer scarf. Then the decrease section at the end was a problem. Either I am stupid at following instructions or the pattern was wrong but I soon saw that it wasn’t going to work and had to undo a chunk. Luckily, some internet research suggested a way and after that it was quick and easy. I’m pleased with the scarf and now that I’ve mastered the technique I’m keen to try it with other yarns from my stash.

Now I have to finish a sock which has been on the needles for months and then I can start using the lovely yarn I was given for Christmas
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